Glimps of Our Services

Organizational Management

CHRS is ally for providing quicker and efficient mechanism to organizations that accelerates the pace of positive change. Such interventions focuses on results-based accountability (RBA) efforts with straight planning mechanism and undertaking of organizational needs. The purpose behind the service is to enable the local organizations in achieving their goals and to work for the sustainable development. CHRS under the umbrella of organizational management, improves and strengthen the local, national and regional organizations by improving and strengthening their system in structural, organizational and institutional level. CHRS strengthens them by assisting in preparing policies, strategic plans, institutional development system, finance management system, administration and human resource, monitoring procedures, reporting, communication plans, marketing strategies and network development.

CHRS is hallmark in providing services that relates to Strategic Program Planning, Business Development, Organizational Maturity Assessment, Organizational Policies & profile, SOP Development, Organizational Registration, Communication & Networking, Report Writing & Proposal Development, Finance Management System and Administration and Human Resource Development.