Glimps of Our Services

Social Sector Services

CHRS provides state of art social sector services and plays a significant role in improving the lives and livelihood of poor people at local to regional scale. We combines the best of our social-sector expertise including our experience of working with bilateral and multilateral agencies to address sustainability challenges. CHRs’s multi-disciplinary team co-create new solutions and evolve these solutions beyond the concepts and pilot phase.

We provide services that relates to Health, Education, Human Right, Skill Development, Women Right, Children Right, Social Mobilization, Disaster Risk Reeducation, Livelihood Improvement, Environment and Agriculture, Good Governance and Transparency and Accountability at local to regional scale.

  1. CHRS in collaboration with Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) complete project on “Women Empowerment through Employment” project for Women’s skills enhancement towards socio economics uplift funded by Care International & USAID
  2. CHRS has completed project on “Interactive sensitization of Employers, Workers and their Families on OSH and Communicable Diseases like Polio and HIV/AIDS in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Mardan , Charsadda, Nowshera and Peshawar)”Funded by international Labour Organization. This project highlighted working in a safe and healthy environment, as it is the right of every individual working in any industry or company at small or large level. to raise awareness among the labor in KP, a series of events was conducted which included a) Orientation of employers on OSH and Communicable diseases (Polio and HIV/ AIDS) b) Sensitization seminars for workers on factory floors, in four targeted areas, regarding OSH and Communicable diseases (Polio and HIV/ AIDS) c) Open dayopen for all activities to sensitize labor families at mass on OSH Communicable diseases (Polio and HIV/ AIDS) through panel discussions and theatrical performances.
  3. CHRS has completed project of 3 months funded by International Labor Organization on “Capacity Development of Trade Unions for Advocacy and Elimination of Occupational Diseases (including Polio, HIV/AIDS in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Mardan ,Charsadda, Nowshera and Peshawar)”. In which Training of Trainers on OSH (Occupational safety and Health) program was laid down to train the trainers of Trade Union, MLF and PWF for imparting the training skills along with the awareness and preventive measures related to occupational health and safety including diseases like Polio, HIV/AIDS. The training also put emphasis at disability- handling persons with disability and how should they be treated and facilitated at workplaces and domestically. Later on, as an extended part of this project, the trained team of TU further imparted these awareness to fellow TU workers in 4 targeted areas; Nowshera, Charsadda, Peshawar and Mardan